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About Us

Who is Mandie

 Mandie is truly a BLESSING to have ever graced those who knew her! She lived with more passion and heart during her short time on earth than most do in 100 lifetimes. Mandie proudly displayed a smile that could light up a room no matter the crowds. Being in her presence you felt her passion for life and make no mistake, it was contagious. The adoration Mandie had for the sea shore was priceless. To her nothing was better than toes in the sand embraced by the smell of salt in the air. Most of all it was her dream to be a shining light of Jesus’ love. It is evident that the footprints Mandie has left amongst us has become a beacon that has only grown brighter with each passing day. 

 October 21, 1999-June 7, 2018

What is Mandie's MIles?


     Mandie's Miles is an advocate for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program. With great determination and collaboration, we as a community, can create awareness for children, along with their families, in finding knowledge, strength, and hope. Passionate to a cause that may not soon disappear, we are taking Mandie's dreams and giving them wings to research the opportunity to simply live. 

     Brain cancer has so many hardships & triumphs. Having a community to embrace our vision of hope will allow families, fighting alongside their children, to inhale & exhale, just as Mandie taught those around her to do. Her vision in life was to dive in the ocean and never lose sight of your direction. Just breathe, as Mandie would say. The need for such support, goes without saying, it is in great demand. 

     We hope that you will join our cause and encourage everyone that surrounds you to become a part of Mandie's Miles to share hope among children fighting brain cancer.

Mandie's Favorite Song